Gunrunner Milwaukee

30 01 2013


It’s as if Obama’s ATF wants violence with scary looking rifles to happen everywhere.

Hypothetical:  Maybe the Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, who wants us to learn how to defend ourselves with these implements, knows more about what’s really going on his county than even he is putting on?




3 responses

30 01 2013
Jill Parish

Thank you ATF – now a FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPON in on the streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. obviously the ATF can’t enforce the currently existing laws and the president wants to add more! Makes no sense.and the only people who will suffer are the honest, law abiding citizens that followed the rules to obtain a firearm.

30 01 2013

I don’t know if it was a full auto, probably just a “scary” looking ranch rifle. But it makes perfect sense to me: Think of the reason why the Mexican Operation Gunrunner started: To fuel political agitprop over the Second Amendment and sandbag the debate. (Too, I also think the Mexican version of Gunrunner was also designed to sandbag the immigration issue in a way). If Obama deliberately floods the streets of a big city with “scary” looking ranch rifles, then this feeds his political agenda.

31 01 2013

When David Salkin put his single-story building on E. Meinecke Ave. up for rent on Craigslist, he had a choice: Lease to a church or Fearless Distributing..

If Fearless didn’t take the whole building, it’s likely he would have gotten sued for discrimination by the minister of the shake-down shop, I mean store-front church.

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