Worm Turn

2 02 2013


Good reading from Forbes.

Usually, the problem is the other way around:  The left is highly organized and disciplined, and we’re the ones fractured into a thousand little pieces all engaged in an internecine food fight over the pieces.  I only wish we on the “right” would grok that “military coordination with laser focus” is how to win, and not just on one issue.

Otherwise, reading some of this is like reading myself.  I’m the one who told you that the new Giffords organization was far more about hustling than winning.  I’m the one who told you that most elected Republican leaders are on this issue and most others are AWOL and as useful as a tit on a bull, and they will continue to be AWOL/useless at best, or at worst clear on the other side (see immigration).

Ironically, when there is no existential threat, the NRA has its own internecine issues:  The business pragmatists versus the grass roots “purists” (who aren’t really purists).  Then there’s the matter of the NRA’s loopy endorsements of Democrats (Paul Kanjorski, Harry Reid), and their half-brained “gun control is historically racist” rhetoric.  But when there is an external threat (leftist politicians running their mouths and screaming), the NRA and other similar organizations put aside their internal and external differences quickly enough to organize what Forbes calls “military coordination with laser focus” to win.




One response

9 02 2013
Crucial Element « Countenance Blog

[…] Another phony element about this whole affair:  “…umbrella organization for a loose collection of anti-government militias and their sympathizers.”  That would require right wingers to get along with each other and check their egos at the door long enough for such a thing to last long enough to accomplish anything.  No such animal in the real world.  Or, almost never. […]

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