Pre-Game Wrap-Up

3 02 2013


These three young women are blood sisters, in spite of having different last names.

What are they still doing hanging around a high school?  Seems to me that it was time for them to move on.  But it also seems to me that many of them never really “get out” of high school, ever, even if they get the putative piece of paper saying they did.

*  The rape of an elderly woman.  Guess who came to dinner.

And again, for the record, only once have I heard of the rape of a very elderly woman not happening at the hands of a non-black.

Nothing accomplished.

Ironically, this “emergency meeting” happened at the new O’Fallon Park Rec Center, which I thought was supposed to cure everything and deter all this crime.


*  First off, Jesse, what good do you think “Homeland Security” will do that the CPD tries to do but you bitch and moan every time they try to do something?

Second, if you pay too much attention to Chicago, people might start getting taboo ideas.

*  With the fall of the younger Jesse, there’s real fear that Debbie Halvorson could slip through and actually win IL-1, with her unbearable whiteness and her A-grade from the NRA.

First off, I think the demographics of IL-1 are against her, even if the black vote is divided among two credible blacks.  But even she does win, she’ll want to keep winning.  Therefore, she’ll “grow” in office, and her A-grade from the NRA will gradually turn into an F.  When she held the former IL-11 for two years, she had a lot of rural territory and really no ghetto or barrio to represent.


*  Keeping with the Jesse Jackson theme, reading between the lines, this is all about private pension seizure.

*  Where did it all go wrong?  How did we malserve these four future Nobel Prize winners?

Count me skeptical.  I don’t think it’s a matter of “can’t,” I think it’s a matter of “won’t.”  When it comes to California public bureaucracies and institutions, I have come to find out that everything is extortion as a means to hustling a tax or bond issue.

*  Hark.  Look at what another one of those comprehensive reformers did.  He was only here to do the home invasion that Americans (well, at least white Americans) won’t do.

NRA 1, Obama 0

Welcome to America, the land of welfare and gibsmedat.

What are people that young being allowed to teach high school?  They’re barely older than the students.  I was in high school once upon a time, and while my high school had an average reputation, I don’t ever remember the school having a real subject matter teacher anywhere near this young.

I’ve heard of ballbusters, but this is ridiculous.

*  Hell, I remember when Nick Van Exel was young.  Tempus fugit I guess…now his own son is going to prison for murder for most of the rest of his life.

Largely forgotten is that this was a black prof, and aside from the brief mention of two Harvard basketball team members being part of this, it’s like they’re covering up race.

*  In related news, it looks like there needs to be an investigation into this investigation.

We all know the time of day, in case you’re wondering.  It’s called B.R.A. and college sports.

*  If you teach, coach, work or do anything at any institution called “Martin Luther King,” you know you’re going to have to defend yourself, eventually.

*  Reading between the lines, I take “B. Toad Jones,” as Mike Vanderboegh calls him, was a fifth column for black and Hispanic crime in his jurisdiction.  To wit, these paragraphs:

Oswald’s letter cites one case in which starting in 2010 investigators bought more than 16 pounds of methamphetamine, recovered at least $500,000 and proved the connection to the La Familia Michoacan. The case was prosecuted in October by the Hennepin County attorney’s office, and Pedro Ayala was sentenced in December to 30 years in state prison, the longest drug sentence in state history. The remaining 19 defendants are being tried by the county attorney.

The case left agents and attorneys bitter and mistrustful when Jones and Kayser reportedly defended their actions by saying investigators had originally “undersold” the case, according to Oswald and other investigators.

Oh yeah, it’s the ski masks’ fault.

Really, D.C. has already implemented the real solution — Bombard the black ghettos with Hispanic gang thugs, who are the only known predators to black thugs.  Then once the ghetto is cleared out and replaced with barrios, move the barrios out using some less nefarious bureaucratic scheme.  Then rinse that out and replace with LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH, who will then make it safe for heterosexual whites to move back in.  Presto chango, third world to first world.


There was a reason why this cult operated near the American border.  It made it very easy to move to the other side of the border when they had an idea that the POLICIA were on their way.  Incidentally, that’s why Hollywood is in Hollywood, because the founders of the movie industry knew they were ripping off Thomas Edison lab patents, so they set up shop close to Mexico if they thought the U.S. Marshals were coming.


*  Today marks the income tax officially turning 100 years old.

Its first manifestation applied to hardly anyone.

Gee, I thought gun control was racist.

The picture is presented as part of a photo gallery exploring the “horrors” of de jure segregation.  However, I bet Mr. Causey Jr. was worried about thuggery and violence at the hands of people who looked far more like him than me.


*  Win one for the good guys.

*  With apologies to Billy Joel, we didn’t start the fire, they did.




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3 02 2013

Thank you for your wrap ups. I click on each story and often make comments, share on facebook or on twitter. Great blog:)

3 02 2013

I’ve always thought my “Wrap-Up” posts were kind of forms of cowardice. They are just news items I let lay around in my stack of URLs through the week, but I just can’t make a full blog post out of them. So, usually on Sundays, I’ll clear the deck, clearing my list of URLs of un-blogged stories, doing them all in a quick hits kind of post, and call it “Sunday Wrap-Up” (or another day of the week, if it’s not Sunday.)

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