Blacked Out Power Line

5 02 2013


Power Line:

Barack Obama Comes to Minneapolis


Obama explained why he chose Minneapolis for his speech by saying that city fathers and local law enforcement agencies became concerned about a high rate of youth gun crime, and were able to reduce the number of young people wounded in gun incidents by 40% over a five-year period. That is a statistic I have seen before, and it’s terrific. But wait! How did Minneapolis do it? Not through gun control. If Minneapolis’s experience really is significant, then Obama should be promoting the measures that were taken here–he never mentioned what they were–not promoting an irrelevant gun control agenda.

I’m way down here in St. Louis, and Power Line Blog is based in Minneapolis.  Yet I can tell you something which Power Line can’t or won’t about their own city.

The reason why Minneapolis-St. Paul’s “gun crime” rate has been growing in recent years, relative to that of most major cities, where the growth rate therein is either slight or declining, is that MSTP is actually encouraging both domestic and foreign blacks to move to MSTP.  “Domestic” includes the black undertow from Chicago, Detroit and elsewhere, and “foreign” includes Somalians and other eastern Africans.




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