Serious Presidential Contender

6 02 2013



Marco Rubio is down with a rapper who was assassinated more than 16 years ago.

I guess Rubio and Krispy Christie are engaged in a race to the bottom to see who can appeal to the low information crowd better.




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6 02 2013

I would bet on the 400-500 pound fat guy being more appealing to low information crowd as he obviously he can’t control impulses – which would be a common trait.

Was 2Pac “scalped” of tattoos? Or maybe a first gen ear cockroach?

6 02 2013

However, Christie isn’t winning over everyone here:

Some are saying that Christie has to start losing weight or trying to lose weight really to hit a home run with the low information crowd. I think you’re right…he doesn’t need to try to lose weight to be as appealing to that crowd as he ever can. And Rubi-NO is fooling himself if he thinks that anyone still cares about Tupac Shakur. The world has moved on to bigger and better things like Chief Keef.

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