America: Chock Full o’Nuts

7 02 2013

Los Angeles

Black former LAPD cop (probably someone the LAPD was forced to hire due to the affirmative action consent decree with the Federal courts) goes on a shooting rampage hurting three cops and two other people.  Turns out the black ex-cop is a big Obamahead and gun control advocate, along with advocating for MSNBC, Piers Morgan and Sir Skittles.

Haven’t you ever noticed something about a lot of “gun control” advocates?  They are merely projecting their own criminal, proto-criminal, flaky or nutty selves onto the rest of the world and everyone else in it, and they don’t want you to own firearms because they presume you’re as criminal, proto-criminal, flaky or nutty as they are.

Washington, D.C.

The Family Research Council shooter upper nutbar, just admitted at sentencing that he wanted to shoot up one of his political opponents, and therefore looked up the SPLC’s rock ’em sock ’em everything-must-go clearance list of extremisthategroups (TM).  I could have only wished that the nutbar picked a group on the SPLC’s list that does not really exist (of which there are many).

So, by the SPLC’s own standards, the SPLC has links to violent extremist hate criminals.


Tony Perkins, FRC President, whose D.C. office was shot up by this nutbar who used the SPLC list to find a target, told the media something along the lines of “this is why we shouldn’t be on the SPLC’s list of hate groups.”

Wrong answer, slappy.  What you’re saying here is that you’re cool with the SPLC’s decades-long campaign of fund-raising agitprop and slander, as long as they slander someone else and not you.




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