What It’s Always About

7 02 2013


Kudos to one Rene O’Deay (@HeyJip on Twitter).  The two of us combined may have solved this riddle of the massive Federal government ammo purchases.

They have been going on for a long time.  When weird Federal agencies buy massive quantities of strange sorts of ammunition, it makes you wonder what’s going on.  When did Social Security bureaucrats start doing target practice, let alone with expensive (even before now) hollow point ammo?

My theory all along was that the Feds, under the executive tutelage of one Barack H. Obama II, are upset that Congress just won’t prohibit these “weird” sorts of ammunition for sale in the private market, namely hollow points.  So Obama is behind closed doors ordering mass purchases of hollow points, just to drive the market price up to make it unaffordable for the rest of us.  In other words, it’s the opposite of LIBOR.  Because…Obama “can’t wait.”

I have always thought the theories about how “they’re getting ready to round us up and put us in concentration camps” is too fanciful to bear, especially when there’s a simpler and less pernicious explanation available.

Turns out I may have been generally right but specifically wrong.

@HeyJip and I have the bouncing balls worked out like this:

1.  Obama orders mass buys of hollow points and other forms of ammo for extended periods of time.

2.  We wait around for some drug-addled video game-addicted nutbar to shoot up a school.  Which, knowing our media climate which will turn him into an eternal celebrity for doing so, is inevitable.

3.  Democrat politicians start screaming and banging podiums for gun control.  Because…that’s what they do, sure as the sun rises in the east.

4.  This sets off a wave of panic buying in the domestic gun and ammo market.

5.  Feds sell the ammo back into the domestic market for two, three, for or more times what they paid for it.

Always about the money.  Follow the money.


It might be simpler than that.  Ammo might be to the Federal government and its inter-agency politics what cigarettes are to prisoners.




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