“Refinance At Today’s Low Rates”

13 02 2013

Washington, D.C.

Did I actually hear Obama use those words last night at SOTU?

Who does he think he is?  Ray Vinson?

Otherwise, more unmemorable mish-mash which he went through suspiciously quickly, as if he had a hot date afterward.  That is, until he got to gun control, then we went into full Jeremiah Wright mode.

Marco Rubio’s entire response had the look and feel of an expensive infomercial.  This bit with the water was the least problematic part of it.

I knew in advance Rand Paul would bring up immigration, so I don’t have to repeat.  I am a little surprised that he bought up school vouchers, and approves.  But again, this is not out of character for him.  Proper libertarians oppose school vouchers, (*) and his father never supported them, either.  Vouchers are mainly a project of lamestream conservative ideology.  This is yet another example of Rand trying to build a middle ground between Ron and Rush.

(*) – Proper libertarians, i.e. those not bastardized by Koch money, oppose school vouchers because of church-state concerns and fear of government interference into the affairs of private schools.  Those reasons are valid and sensible enough, but we all know the real reason to oppose them:  They’re deseg of private schools by any other name.




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