My Letter to Peter Brimelow

14 02 2013


Yeah, I’m cheating.  I say here this isn’t for publication, but I’m posting it here.  That’s because I know I can redact my own name.

Plus, there is some bean spilling I do — Follow the two links to my two recent AR comments.  It saves me from having to do it here.  However, it’s just an “interim” bag of beans that I must do before I get to the really big bag.



Rand Paul was never going to be President anyway.

A lot of people, especially fans of his father, have this temptation to think that he has “sold out.”  Those people must not have been paying attention in 2010.  Rand’s goal was NEVER to be merely his father’s son, but to triangulate a new political paradigm halfway between his father and lamestream conservatism (think:  Rush Limbaugh).  Now, that might be good for a nice long Senate career, but it will go nowhere in terms of a Presidential candidacy for two main reasons:  1. There is just too much of a gulf between Ron Paul and Rush Limbaugh on too many issues for a “halfway house for the sake of a halfway house” paradigm between the two to last longer than a snowball in Hell, and 2. Fundraising for a Presidential run:  Ron’s donors already dislike Rand for being too far away from Ron, while lamestream conservatives are still too nervous that Rand is still too close to Ron, and presumably lamer cons will have plenty of “real” lamer con Presidential candidates to choose from in 2016.  Since there is no natural constituency for this halfway house ideology, there is no obvious fundraising base to raise the kind of coin you need to win the Republican nomination, much less the entire Presidency.

I was a Todd Akin for Senate (NUSA lifetime grade: A+) staffer last year.  The gossip was that Rand was never going to run for President, that he missed his eye surgery practice badly, and, operating on the assumption that almost everyone was, that Romney was going to win, (which V-Dare never bought into), and that in 2016 we’d all be supporting his re-election, that instead of running for President in 2016, or even running for Senate re-election in Kentucky, Rand was grooming newly elected Congressman and MIT genius Thomas Massie (KY-4) to replace him in the Senate.  What changed?  Obviously, Romney didn’t win.  That Rand was already fatigued with a political career should tell us all something, at least those of us who are or were plugged into the proper gossip pipelines.

And then there’s immigration.

I’m going to continue this e-mail based on the assumption, which we can’t assume anymore, that Rand is still for the moratorium half of his bill.  The whole irony of Rand Paul’s halfway house paradigm is that it actually got him closer to us on immigration than his father ever was. However, EVEN COUNTING THE MORATORIUM, Rand’s immigration proposals are still underpowered and unfit for resisting our own racial and economic dispossession in our own country.  The problem isn’t just libertarianism or conservatism or liberalism or any -ism, it’s the fact that everyone denies race.  Ron Paul style libertarianism denies race, Rush Limbaugh style lamestream conservatism denies race (or when it recognizes it, it blames racial problems on the lack of Rush Limbaugh style lamestream conservatism among the governing authorities of troublesome non-whites).  So if you construct a halfway house between one race denying ideology and another, as Rand Paul is trying to do, all you’ll get is a brand new race denying ideology.  And, as it is perfectly obvious now, ONLY a white nationalist will have the proper ideological foundation to construct the right immigration proposal.

It is also clear that virtually nobody in power, save the true blue Barlettas and Kobachs and a few others, wants to do the right thing on immigration for the sake of doing the right thing.  Our ONLY hope, so it seems is to rely on the game of pure partisan jealousy and jockeying (and perhaps, fuel that game ourselves), to lengthen the debate.  The longer the debate drags out, the greater will be the chances that no bad legislation actually passes.  And what I mean by “the game of pure partisan jealousy” in this case is that since “both sides” want an immigration bill of some sort, the red team and the blue team and the “darker red team” (Tea Party, I’ll get to them in a moment) are all in a big brouhaha over whose obnoxious special interests get to benefit first and sooner from a big omnibus comprehensive bill, and which men wearing which colored shorts gets more the “credit” sooner.

As for the Tea Party Movement, there is a lot of talk about how it has been “bought off.”  I don’t agree with that mentality, because I don’t think it ever needed to be “bought off.”  Because they came to the game flawed to begin with.  The TPM is basically warmed over Reaganism with sort of a hard-baked libertarian edge.  That’s Reagan, as in lamestream conservative, as in mostly race denying and amnesty endorsing and signing, with a “hard baked edge” of an even more obviously race-denying ideology.  And what do you get?  More race denial, and ultimately, more amnesty and open borders.

One more slightly less relevant thing:  Rand Paul also came out for school vouchers.  Proper libertarians (i.e. the ones not bastardized by Koch money), for all their other problems, oppose vouchers and always have, mainly because of church-state concerns, and government interference into private schools concerns.  Those are logical and valid and agreeable reasons, but we all know the real reason to oppose vouchers is because they’re racial desegregation of the private school system by any other means.  Ron Paul NEVER endorsed vouchers.  Rand Paul endorsing them is not out of political character for him, because it’s yet another example of his triangulating halfway between his father and lamestream conservatism.  In reality, vouchers are mainly the political brainchild of lamestream conservatives and their think tanks.

Thank you for your time.

–[Name Redacted]
Ballwin, Missouri
(aka Countenance Blogmeister)

P.S.  This is not for publication, but I do hope it helps everyone at V-Dare understand what’s going on for your analysis of relevant matters going forward.

P.S.  As someone on Todd Akin’s campaign, I know far more about the real (non) relationship between Romney and Kobach than the average bear.  See these two comments on AR (I am “Question Diversity”):




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14 02 2013

We invest too much hope and investment in politicians in general. You use them for whatever good you can get out of them, some will give you more good things than others. Remember, as Bill Clay (!) once said, and even wrote a book about it — No permanent friends, no permanent enemies, just permanent interests.

14 02 2013
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