Cornhusker Opportunity

17 02 2013



Its incumbent Governor is term-limited out in 2014.  I want him to be the new Governor.  Find out who he is and why he should win.


Mike Johanns won’t seek re-election to the Senate.  So now, from Nebraska, in the same election cycle, there will be both an open Senate seat and an open Gubernatorial seat.  Which means some of Mr. Janssen’s competition here might skip the Governor’s race to run for Senate, or he might change his mind and run for Senate and let some of his bigger name competition duke it out for Governor.  Johanns has a career B from NumbersUSA, but it’s sort of a “thin resume” B because he doesn’t have complete grades in a lot of subcategories that NUSA grades upon.  Would Janssen in place of Johanns in the Senate be marginally better for us than Janssen in place of Dave Heineman as Nebraska Governor, or vice versa?  Or maybe the TLed out Gov. Heineman wants to run for the Senate seat Johanns is abandoning?




One response

17 02 2013

Nebraska cities never made my list of best places to live.

Omaha is home to America’s largest recipient of government largess in history. He is no Oracle, he is the Queen of corporate welfare.

And Lincoln being being a large college town is a place where young people vote once or twice on policy affecting permanent residents forever before they leave permanently.

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