I Liked It Better the First Time

17 02 2013

Associated Press

Because…he shouldn’t have bothered trying to correct them.  If he would have let the “lie” become the truth, he would have gone a long way to raising his own esteem in my eyes.

That’s because I want them rounded up and sent back to Mexico, or from wherever they came.

For starters.

Then a 10,000 volt electrified border fence on the entire US-Mexico border.

Then the 101st Airborne guarding it.  Sorry, the Border Patrol isn’t good enough anymore, because the BP is full of fifth column Hispanics.  (At least until I get done with it.)

Then real mass physical deportations of non-white illegal aliens already present.  If the home country won’t take them back, then incarcerate the illegals and put rocks on their home countries’ assets until they do.

Then a mass cancellation or at the very least non-renewal of various legal immigrant visas save those held by other white people.

Then deporting those who once held those visas.

Then legislation in Congress (A) taking jurisdiction of interpreting the birthright citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment away from the Federal courts, (B) interpreting the birthright citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment to mean its original construction, to apply only to freed slaves freed by the 13th Amendment, and (C) Retroactively applying this new definition to 1965, meaning all the “birthright citizen” anchor baby non-whites after the 1965 immigration reform act and subsequent acts are suddenly illegal aliens subject to confinement and deportation.

And what will we end up with?  An America that looks like America populated by actual Americans.

In other words, a homeland.




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18 02 2013
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