Sunday Wrap-Up

17 02 2013


It takes STAR PARKER of all people to speak kind words about my ex-boss.

*  Yo.  Ghetto thugs of St. Louis rejoice:  The ER they wheel yo’ homies to is about to get bigger.  Fo’ real.

I’m happy they’re choosing this course for the future, but their age is showing if they’re calling him “just a lost young man.”  He wasn’t lost, because he knew where he was and knew what he was doing.  They just trapped him in the basement.

He ALMOST made it home to safe and sound ESL.  Just one MetroLink stop away.  But the river is wide.  Even in cases where it really isn’t.

*  It might be the first time ever that the public gets to vote on whether a QT gets to open for business or not.  Yes, this is the mega-QT in Maplewood I talked about in this space a few months ago.

Which means Maplewood will soon be seeing electioneering on the part of a young woman in her early 30s from rural southern Illinois, who will say “pha pha phaaaaa” as part of her pro-QT campaign spiel.  (Inside joke)

*  It’s white collar crime, commmitted by a stereotypically not white collar person.

Watch this blow up into another Trayvon.

There will only be one job he will be qualified to do when he gets out of prison, a very long time from now:  College football defensive coordinator.

*  Translation:  SWPL charter school, for SWPL whites with kids who want to live in gentrifying neighborhoods of the city to circumvent the SLPS.

Tom Danforth opens mouth, and predictably, something innane or stupid comes out of it.  Here’s a hint:  Tom Danforth personally figures fairly prominently in a “coming attraction” in this blog.  I’m tipping my hand over just a little bit.


*  “17-year old parolee.”  Yowza, those lips.  I don’t want to think about where they’ve been.

*  Duh.  These kids are being made to do the dirty work of the gangs and sets which their older siblings belong to.  It would be really hard for the Feds to prove that kids are the center of counterfeiting rings.

*  “I had issues too when I was their age.”  Do tell, Barack.  Because hardly anyone knows much of anything credible about your past.


*  Hindsight is 20/20.  Every bit of vitriol and hate spewed against Christine O’Donnell ultimately can be traced back to American Crossroads GPS.  Which means Karl Roverrated was counting on a big payday from Mike Castle, but didn’t get it when O’Donnell beat Castle in that primary in Delaware.  That Chris Coons would have beaten Mike Castle does not matter to Karl Roverrated, because Karl Roverrated gets paid either way, win or lose.

Are you really that stupid, Marco?  Roverrated wanted Crist, just remember that.

Open borders Republicans are now engaging in SPLC-style tactics (even though they don’t use SPLC-style ideology) against FAIR/CIS/NUSA.

Teacher has been packing inside school for a long time, and has made it clear to his students that he was and why he was for as long as he’s been doing it.  And they were fine with it.  I would have loved to have that kind of an English teacher in junior high school, though I kinda did in 8th grade.

Shazamm.  WLP almost went there.  If and when he ever goes there, and by “there,” I mean all the way “there,” the NRA’s membership multiplies tenfold overnight.

*  Don’t tell me.  Camden, New Jersey…single mom…had a conflagration with a man named “Turtle.”

*  Today’s military:  Nothing but a video game tournament.

John McCain WTF?  Remember, your daughter is the world renownwed twit Meghan McCain.

*  She wasn’t just suffering from any plain ole curse, she was suffering from a Muslim curse.  Which means it will now be Islamophobic to prosecute her.

Not so Precious, are we?  Doesn’t seem to me she ever quite got out of high school herself.

There’s a reason Rickroller walked away from his California raid empty-handed.  The reason is that there are so many loopholes and accounting and legal tricks that larger companies can manipulate and take advantage of that they can be physically be based in California but on paper and in the eyes of taxing authorities not be based in California.  For example, AAPL, physically based in Cupertino, California, has so much of its business “on paper” “based” in Reno, Nevada that they’re almost immune from the actions of Sacramento politicians.

Why did it take so long for Miss Victor to vote?  Well, gee, Haiti might have something to do with it.

Barone talking out of both sides of his mouth.  First he says it wasn’t gerrymandering, but then he all but it admits it was gerrymandering.

Take it from me, a man who is often accused of being an illegitimate son of his — It was gerrymandering.

Notice that 48 states fall between 2 and 5 percent.  Which bolsters my theory that LGBTQMIALOLPLPLTHers no longer feel like they “have” to be in one place anymore.

They call it the Fifth Column.

No surprise she wanted to strip at an elementary/middle school.  I doubt there’s much of a demand for her services in that stead in the universe of adult paying customers.


Pay close attention to the maps, especially look at Africa and Latin America.

Comparing murder rates of Canadian provinces and American states near the Canadian border.  Notice how high the murder rate is in Nunavut.

I find this ironic coming from a Brit paper.  It’s damned near a crime IN BRITAIN to make fun of Robert Mugabe’s ass.

So?  The truth is the truth.


*  Unpaid internships:  Cool if your parents are well off enough to support you.

Vince Young is about to turn 30, and wants to throw himself a party costing $300,000.  Funny, I once turned 30, and a husband/wife couple threw me a birthday party, but it didn’t cost them anywhere near $300,000 to throw the party.

Jeopardy WTF?

*  “Evander Kane and the Evander Kane self-created problem in Winnipeg.”

There, I fixed it.

Black Hat:  Today’s version of Payola.




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17 02 2013

Ms. Victor, a Haitian immigrant, went to vote to re-elect President Obama on Oct. 28, the first day of early voting in Florida. On that hot Sunday, she stood in line for three hours at her local library in North Miami, before a poll worker advised her to return later when lines would be shorter and she could get assistance in her native Haitian Creole language, which she did.
Ms. Victor, who became a citizen in 2005, said that no one had apologized to her for the wait, but that she was “happy and proud” to go to the White House and later attend the president’s speech.

Been in the since at least 2005 and needs a translator to read a ballot?

18 02 2013

Could it be that Andrew Dice Clay offended the liberal regime when he said “If you can’t speak the language, get the fuck outta the country!” and that his career as a comedian was torpedoed because of it?

18 02 2013

Maybe that, but those kind of comedians have a short shelf life anyway.

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