The Bill is Dead. Long Live the Bill.

18 02 2013

Washington, D.C.

First off, I didn’t know Obama had an official immigration bill.  I thought Obama wanted to keep his fingerprints off this debate so he can continue this charade that he’s somehow “outside” of Washington and “campaigning” against it so that he can never be blamed for anything.

Second, even if it is “dead on arrival,” it doesn’t matter when you look at the bills that are still “alive.”  All the immigration proposals on the Hill right now, Republican and Democrat-introduced alike, that are said to have a chance of passing, are 90% alike in a bad way, and the only ways in which they’re different are superficial and cosmetic only.  The only reason I’m saying 90% and not 95% is because Rand Paul’s proposal has a moratorium, (even though that’s not enough anymore), but we don’t know if Rand is still for a moratorium.  If Rand isn’t, then you can say 95%.

This is Marco Rubi-NO’s lame attempt to play “good cop” to Obama’s “bad cop.”  When in reality, Obama would gladly sign any bill Rubi-NO would introduce and get to his desk unmolested by the legislative process, because any bill Rubi-NO wants is at least 95% of what Obama wants.  Rubi-NO is just birddogging the “conservative” and “Tea Party” sides for the open borders lobby.




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