Tuesday Wrap-Up

19 02 2013


Yep, in a crowded and questionably legal nightclub, nobody saw anything.

But in this case, somebody saw a whole lot.

What’s the result?  One of these students now has the ambition to want to be the Mayor of ESL one day.  You’d think it would give him ambition to want to leave ESL for good.  There might not be an ESL by the time he’s really old enough to be Mayor.

Just out of curiosity, how did they get from St. Louis to D.C.?  Was it an oil-free mode of transportation?

Oh well.  A lot worse has happened at Chuck-E-Cheese.  This part from Chuck-E-Cheese’s PR is a hoot:

For more than 30 years Chuck E. Cheese’s has celebrated the joy and innocence of childhood…

Oh really?

And also…no “realizing their full potential?”


NBC hires David Axelrod?  I’M SHOCKED BEYOND ALL FREAKIN’ BELIEF~!  Unless I’m not.

I wonder how a network can survive with both Axelrod and Krystal Ball under the same roof.

*  How Obama won Ohio:  He stole it fair and square.

*  Hint:  Prince Georges County is almost all black, and has become The New D.C., where they’re shoving D.C.’s former black population to make D.C. itself safe for SWPL/DWL/LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.

I don’t think the new father actually used the phrase “African American.”

It’s an update to an old story, but we finally have a pic and therefore a racial make on the professor.

*  Scarequester 2013:  Because the Federal government will have to spend $3415 billion instead of $3500 billion, the world will end.  And also…kids will get lead poisoning.

Again, with proper nutrition, even if you do consume solid lead, it passes through your body and very very little of the lead poisonously reacts with your body chemistry.  And again, you won’t get much of this proper nutrient if your diet consists entirely of food from the “would you like fries with that” establishments.


When Jihad meets Cloward-Piven.


*  “Airwrecka.”

*  The methodology of these studies demonstrating that the Wonderlic is generally worthless might be okay, but I don’t think that’s the over-arching motivation for this effort to replace it.  The reason they want to replace it is because so many “great black hope” QBs score badly on it.

*  Can you believe it?  MOTEL FREAKIN’ 6 is running radio buys off the Super Bowl power outage.  You can guess the “we’ll leave the light on for you” is a hook.




2 responses

19 02 2013

“She got on the carousel, bent down and picked up a baggie full of a white substance. My guess is it’s a bag of dope,” the mother said.
The mother also claims management didn’t handle the situation properly. ”I brought it to the manager’s attention and he didn’t want to call the cops or anything. He was like ‘There are five birthday parties going on right now. If they come they’re going to shut us down.’ I asked ‘What do you want me to do with it?’ They said throw it away, so I threw it away,” she explained.

Dope? The woman looks like a meth head. — And I was really not expecting a woman that looked like a meth head.

Club 15 is at Locust and 19th?

I know he stole Ohio. Southeastern Ohio is too much like West Virginia to have not overridden multiple voters in the more “urban” areas of Ohio.

If Brevard Community College is anything like the City Colleges of Chicago, then Sharon Sweet, associate professor of mathematics, is not much more than a middle school math teacher.

That the KMBC “racist” dad story is split on to two pages with only one sentence on the second page screams milking advertisers.

Regarding the Wonderlic, I killed an online assessment three weeks ago. Killed an in office actual Wonderlic and an in-house devised assessment test two weeks ago. Failed the next session which I don’t want to disclose the structure of because it might be too identifying. I am still looking. But at least I got some positive self-reinforcement that I am still one of the smartest people in the room, if not the. Please excuse this moment of self-promotion, someone I have know here for 14 years gets on me for my lack of self-promotion and says I underestimate myself. I don’t underestimate myself, I just don’t like sounding like I am a braggart.

20 02 2013

“Club 15” is one of those night clubs you can get into if you’re 15 (and you look a “certain way”)

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