Afternoon Link

20 02 2013


I wish people would calm down.

Nobody is trying to make the case that there are actually any real “links” between the Nutbar of Norway and the Nutmeg Nutbar.  What seems to be the case is that the Nutmeg Nutbar wanted to rack up a body count to surpass the Nutbar of Norway both in terms of overall number and of “shock value,” i.e. younger children.  Since the Nutbar of Norway chose teenagers on an island for a political retreat, the Nutmeg Nutbar chose a defenseless elementary school.

What does this all mean?  It goes back to the point I make every time one of these nutbars goes off — They want the eternal publicity.  Naming one and making an eternal celebrity of one only begs the next one.  If this theory that investigators are unearthing on the part of the Nutmeg Nutbar is true, then I have just been vindicated.




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