Disagree With Unz

20 02 2013

AmCon and V-Dare

Unz:  Raise the minimum wage really high so that illegal alien cheap labor isn’t so cheap.

Sorry, but it’s not that easy.

You can only defy the laws of gravity so long by standing on a tree branch before it breaks and you fall down to the ground and go boom.

Likewise, the laws of economics eventually carry the day.

The relatively low minimum wage we have now can’t prevent there being a black market industry of illegal aliens working at illegal sub minimum wages, because those that benefit from the cheap labor grease the right political palms to keep the heat off.  If you raise the minimum wage to, say, $12 an hour, as Unz wants, the only thing that will be raised is the amount of bribery and palm greasing from the cheap labor addicts to certain politicians and quasi-politician/quasi-cops.

Wherever there are rent controls, mainly in expensive high rent cities, what always happens is that there comes to be a massive waiting list, a lottery, or a questionably legal if not outright illegal “front money” payoff roughly equivalent to the delta of the market rent minus the controlled rent prices, to get a rent controlled apartment.

You just can’t hack around the existing paradigm of a mass supply (and growing) of cheap Hispanic and Asian labor with an artificially higher price floor.  All you’ll get is more tomfoolery.

The ONLY thing that will work is severely restricting the supply of labor by way of deporting it, legally disallowing it from the labor market, and/or not allowing it to immigrate into the country to begin with.  Then you’ll have a supply-demand curve that legitimately shifts upward in favor of higher salaries and wages.




2 responses

20 02 2013

Almost every job that requires low talent job in Chicago is minimum wage, or very close to from what I know.

Meanwhile my sister in lower eastern PA (close to Hagerstown, MD) tells me fast fooders advertise on their signs jobs paying $12 to $15+ per hour.

21 02 2013

The biggest con job you will ever see is to watch the open borders treason lobby try to endorse the price fixing of labor rates by labeling it as a “free market.” The wealthy oligarchs can pool their money to buy off congress on immigration levels and deny labor the ability to pool their resources to create a reality-driven wage rate. Price fixing-Good, Labor unions-Bad! That is the current belief system of your average Republican today. If they really want to hire cheap workers, there are 5 billion Asians and Africans overseas. This makes me believe that the primary motive of open borders is race replacement of Whites.

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