American Crossroads GPS Never Ran Ads Like This

21 02 2013


“But, but, but…Karl Roverrated is a genius architect.”




3 responses

21 02 2013

Exactimundo C! Great Ad, let’s copy it to Rove, Koch Bros, Adelson and the other saps that fund the TurdB

21 02 2013

What have we gotten recently? The NRA with questionable neo-liberal racial judgment and a black brain surgeon have shown us how it’s done — Obama’s “official” opposition sticks its fingers up its assholes and twirls around in circles.

21 02 2013

The forgotten part about Obama’s infamous “bitter clingers” rant in San Francisco is that Obama also said that the “bigger clingers” “ignorantly cling to trade protectionism.” Later that fall, Obama TV ads in the rust belt would imply that he’s for trade protectionism, and in fact, he’s still kinda playing that game.

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