They Forgot to Blame Guns

21 02 2013



St. Louis police facing crime jump, budget shortfall


Chief Sam Dotson delivered two glum messages tempered by context Wednesday to the Board of Police Commissioners: Seven of eight crime categories were up in January over 2012 — four by double digits — but still low compared with the past decade. And the budget is short $14 million in revenue, but most of the gap may be bridged by a proposed pension reform.

The crime rate is up about 23 percent citywide from last year, counting all categories. Dotson said it was being measured against “historic lows” at the same point last year. When compared with statistics from the past decade, he said, the 2013 numbers come in second.

Dotson said he expected several key arrests and initiatives to drive the numbers back down.


Rapes accounted for the largest percentage increase in crime in January, up 62.5 percent. Dotson warned that he expects that category to at least double before the end of the year, because the FBI recently updated the way rapes should be counted in its Uniform Crime Reporting Program to include a wider array of sexual assaults, including same-sex attacks.  [Emphasis added — Blogmeister]

Larceny had the second largest jump, at 46.3 percent. Dotson blamed a rash of license plate thefts, drive-offs from gas stations and shoplifting. Two police captains have been assigned to study the issue and work with business owners on prevention strategies.

The chief said there had been significant arrests. “Our officers arrested an individual recently and found 77 stolen license plate tabs on him,” he explained. “So who knows how many of those crimes this one individual was responsible for.”

The 36 percent increase in homicides — in real numbers, four more than the previous January — has grabbed a lot of attention.

So, that’s the problem.  All the unwanted sex in LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTHville is now counted as a crime where as before it was not.

As far as car thefts, not mentioned in this article, the SLPD is blaming rural Republican legislators…but not for guns.

But don’t worry.  Just watch a Slay media buy, and you’ll find out that hotspot policing, gun this, gun that, the long-built and already overcrowded new city jail and “backwards 911” will cure everything.  Or…Lewis Reed is going to bring us all together…or something like that.




One response

21 02 2013

So January 2013 only seemed dangerous because it was comparing January 2013 to an unusually docile January 2012. Any reason why that is? Because Obama was inaugurated for a second term in January 2013, giving the YKWs a sense of arrogance and entitlement and race power.

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