Sunday Wrap-Up

24 02 2013


I read this, and keep coming back to the name “Tom Sell” for some reason.  I have this in the local section for a reason, even though it doesn’t seem like a local story to most people.

*  Don’t be confused.  This is City-Arch-River, not City-to-River.  The former should include the latter, IMO, and the latter would make the former less expensive.  Apropos because if the former happens at all, we’ll have to pass a sales tax measure to make it happen.

Stealing women’s underwear, sex toys and used tampons.

I don’t even want to know what kind of freaky propensity or inclination that all ads up to.

Whatever racket Darione was involved in, Dorione was probably also involved in.

*  The world’s most dangerous place?  Any nightclub along a street named Martin Luther King.  In a sense, it’s sort of a roach motel.


*  Mahogany Mob over the weekend.  True News USA has the best blow-by-blow.

It never always used to be that bad.


I am a 29er.  Soon, so will you.

This is the kind of shit which breaks down my coping mechanisms.  It only makes me think about what should have been.

*  She is easily the most popular political figure in the country today, so we are told.  But two speeches alone puts her in the Top 1% of annual income earners.

*  “Oops, that provision about letting cops do warrantless searches was just an oversight.”  Three times in about the last eight years they’ve tried to pass bills with that “oversight.”  And now their neighbors to the south want to pass a bill with that same “oversight.”

*  I have eyes, ears and a functioning brain.  I already knew that Krispy Christie and Andrew “Kill-a-Deer” Cuomo were so alike politically.

If they’re the Presidential race in 2016, bickering on the self-admitted only 2% in which they differ, it’s all over.

Pardon me if this news doesn’t make me dance in the streets.  (But if native St. Louisan Timothy Dolan is elected Pope, I and half of St. Louis will dance in the streets.)

Sanctuary states.  We’ll see how the Feds respond.

*  You’re stupid if you take Joe Biden’s advice about just about anything.   But if you take his firearms advice, you might just cross the line from stupid to felon.

And this is a pre-med student!

*  Yep, this happens when Starika and Shalonda are both apples from the same tree.

Here’s the kicker:

Phillip Easton, a senior at Central High School, said, “I want to either be an accountant or go into computer science.”

Both industries are ravaged by H-1B.  You’re going into either, buddy.

Bloomberg WTF?  The media made Obama, and now you’re telling them to leave him alone when he wants to golf and fundraise with the Top 0.001% in peace?

Need help solving this riddle?  I’m here to help.

Consider:  What are the racial demographics of young students who generally use Head Start?  What are the racial demographics of young students who generally don’t use Head Start?

My blackdar is going off, big time.

“Race” is a double entendre in this story.  Start at 1:14 if you want the “race” news to be something other than driving quickly.

Interesting the way his “mind” “works.”  Forget about the frivolous nature of this lawsuit for a moment.  What really jumps out at me is that in his playing the ghetto lottery against his own parents, his whole aim is to get a job.  So what’s the first thing that crosses his mind when he thinks of job?  A pizza joint.  And furthermore, he thinks he needs to buy the pizza joint in order to be its employee.  And he wonders why he’s nobody’s employee right now.

If he succeeds, he better mind that 29 hour a week rule.

What will the breast cancer people think about this?

Florida:  SYG is AOK.



Because…Africa (Part II).

Because…Africa (Part III).

What’s wrong with this picture?

Yeah, China’s stealingBut we’re making it easy for them.

*  Uh, how is this any different from the Bloods, Crips or Gangsta Disciples?


Maybe a scientific explanation for “The Great Flood” described in the Noah parable in Genesis and also very similar ancient oral traditions?

Ironic, because LL Cool J looks a lot like Chris Dorner.

*  Don’t worry.  This is just another new Google product in beta.




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24 02 2013

I don’t even want to know what kind of freaky propensity or inclination that all ads up to.

Whatever it does, it will soon become the next “letter” in the “official acronym.”

So what’s the first thing that crosses his mind when he thinks of job? A pizza joint.

He must not paid attention in school, when they told him that he can be anything he wants, even if it’s a profession that way outclasses his IQ.

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