Getting It Right

5 03 2013

Mount Airy, Maryland

Me, on January 15:

I think we get it bassackwards as a society.

First we let let young people, especially boys and young men, play these gory shoot-em-up war simulation video games, largely based on algorithms that were specifically developed to desensitize new soldiers to the concept of killing, and then we present them with real firearms.  We’d be a lot better off if we did it the other way around first — Introduce them to the real thing first, which will teach them how to be good cowards, that these things have real power, give you the power to end a lot of life really quickly, and are by no means toys, then after they fully grok that, then they can play these games if they want.  To the extent they will still want to, they won’t have any desire to translate fiction into reality, because good cowardice will be their base instinct.

In this WaPo feature about what remains of Maryland’s rural “gun culture” (I hate that phrase, but I’m using it for the lack of a better one), toward the end, we find out about one household that did just that.




One response

5 03 2013

The very first comment from that story:

“In the middle of that term, one of my male students came to me in tears. He couldn’t do his term paper, he said. He was born and raised in Montana, he said, and had been raised with guns and how to use them properly and safely. His research was to prove that access to guns should be unrestricted.”

That’s would be one heck of a sensitive soul, if one were to believe that commenter. Which I don’t. That’s one heck of lot of projection, to put it kindly.

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