Twitter Is What You Make of It

6 03 2013


Maybe Pew is right about the overall universe of Twitter users.  But the great thing about Twitter is that you can follow whoever you want to follow, and you don’t need to follow anyone you don’t want to follow.  In other words, you create your own reality on Twitter.  It is exactly what you make of it.

Furthermore, even if the astroturfing young loser libs clad only in their underroos tweeting from their parents’ basements are swarming Twitter, they can no longer drive the TTs (trending topics), if you let Twitter use your list of followers and the content of your own tweets to create an adaptive list of TTs, a feature which they deployed a few months ago.

The reason that media types have a skewed version of reality from what they see on Twitter is because media types mostly pay attention to young lefties on Twitter to begin with.  Now, from my vantage point, if you paid attention to my timeline and TTs, the world is full of nothing but racially minded race realists, white nationalists, ethnonationalists, HBD (human bio-diversity) enthusiasts, right-libertarians and conservative-populists who love sarcasm and snark and who are into firearms, ham radio, roadgeekery, Memphis-style barbecue and a bit of urbanism and making fun of Kansas City and Chicago.  I know full well that’s not the entirety of the real world.



One response

6 03 2013

I don’t engage in the activity. Right off, it has negative connotations. I hear twitter, I think twits. Who wants to be a twittering twit?

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