Wednesday Wrap-Up

6 03 2013


*  Of course.  Everyone is to blame but the actual perpetrators.  It’s the ESL Way.

Just the headline and the picture.  That’s all you need.


Get used to it.  This kind of data mining is the future.  And it’s basically a front for spam and junk mail.

That there is a Federal law prohibiting public school districts from asking for their students’ Social Security Numbers?  Forget about that.

That said, more sequester, please.

Not that anyone in that city knows what that word means anyway.

Taking the “C” out of CPAC.

This might be what it takes to turn liberals against the UN.  That sound you hear is every pothead and stoner calling the John Birch Society for “US out of UN UN out of US” bumper stickers.

*  Cool.  Pie fight in Milwaukee.

I’m tempted to make a joke here about “flinging,” but I won’t.

*  “…including private schools that get any “public funds or other public resources”...”

And you wonder why we’re opposed to school vouchers.


“[His] folksy charm and forceful personality made him an extraordinary politician. His enviable ability to win a mass following allowed him to build a powerful political machine that kept him in office from [when he first came into office] until [he left office]. But as a national leader, he was an abject failure who plunged [his country] into a political and economic abyss.”

Oh, you thought I was talking about Obama, weren’t you?


This is a funny conclusion to draw, especially when (A) We’re always told that race is nothing but a social construct, and (B) The study itself didn’t draw any cause-and-effect conclusions, it just noticed a correlation.

*  Speaking of race, it looks like the negro/non-negro split took place even earlier than we thought.

Not so crazy.  I’ve read a serious historical case that the industrial revolution could have broken out in the Alexandrian/Hellenistic empire.

Yes, it was much ado about nothing.  But then there’s the open question about why someone who wasn’t even living while the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was in its ratings heyday was doing with its theme on his phone or why he sang along to it.

*  Yeah, I’ll take financial advice from this “man” on the same day I let him teach me how to be an alpha male.  Especially since the financial product he’s hawking is borderline usurious.

*  He had a dream to play high school basketball, but he was 22 and married.  Why didn’t he fulfill his dream to play high school basketball while he was still in high school?

Okay, but…who thought it was a good and appropriate idea to have Carly Rae Jepsen sing at the Scouts’ national jamboree in the first place?  Who else was on the agenda?  Lady Gaga?



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