Don’t Talk Too Loudly, Snoop

8 03 2013

Southern California

He wrote this song, because:

The rapper hopes his new song will make a difference when it comes to gun violence. He told [Piers] Morgan, “I kept hearing about all these school shootings and these people getting guns in their hands. … I wanted to say something and I wanted to make some music to try to help the next person who was thinking about loading a gun, going to a school and shooting, maybe helping him put that gun down and think about what he was doing or what she was doing before they did that.”

However, Snoop does not want lawmakers to ban firearms completely. He explained, “I don’t think we should get rid of guns. We just need to get them out of the wrong hands …  because you see the results when they’re in the wrong hands: tragedies, kids losing their lives, people unexpectedly being shot upon. I mean, this is horrific, man. So we have to try to figure out how to control it. … It is a time for change. Some of these laws that were written in the 1800s need to be tweaked for the 2000s … I can go get a gun right now, just like that. It shouldn’t be that easy.”

“I can go get a gun right now, just like that.”  Except you personally can’t “get a gun right now just like that” through a method that involves running your name through NICS, because “Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr” is going to pop up a big fat reject for your felony sheet that has at least two entries, as far as I can discern from Google.  If you’re talking about those “alternate” routes of procurement, if you’re so interested in cutting those off, and you are aware of such routes, maybe you should call the ATF.  They can get to that job right now.




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