The Essence of Hell

18 03 2013

Washington, D.C.

If The Big Guy Upstairs has me slated for an eternity in the way-down-there place, when I get there, I just might find out that hell is hell not because it’s full of red monsters with horns and pitchforks and eternal fires, but because it’s full of infinite and eternal focus groups and polling.

That said, queue Jen Rubin in the WaPo:

In focus groups and meetings around the country, Priebus said, he learned that the Mitt Romney phrase “self-deportation” was the biggest turn-off for Hispanics. He called it a terrible “unforced error,” saying, “It was the most hurtful thing in the country [for] Hispanics.”

“When something like this happens and you don’t have a year-round operation on the ground with the Hispanic community,” Priebus said, a comment like that “makes it even harder.”


Priebus pointed to the Bushes. “One reason the Bush family does well is they are obsessed — obsessed in a good way — with school choice,” an issue that hits home with all parents. Priebus rejected the idea that there is an effort to make the GOP less conservative. Rather, the idea is simple: “We need to relate economic issues to people.”


From my vantage point, the notion that any of this would be controversial among Republicans tells you exactly what the problem is in the party and where it is coming from. Sure, the Republican Party can refuse to relate to voters and tell Hispanics they are going to kick them out of the country. But then it simply won’t win presidential elections, nor a lot of Senate races. No wonder some on the left are so disparaging of the report; if followed, it might make the GOP a lot more competitive nationally.

This is about the RNC “autopsy” of the failed Romney campaign.  That Rinse Pree-BUS fawns over the Bushes is not a coincidence, because the various names associated with this autopsy all point to the fact that the “autopsy” is nothing more than Jeb Bush declaring his candidacy for President in 2016.

Maybe someone should tell Jen Rubin and Rinse Pree-BUS that there are people other than Hispanics who are allowed to vote.  Watch as their brains blue screen.  Ask them:  Who the hell died and made Hispanics the be-all and end-all of American elections?  Anyone who studies the issue honestly enough that controlling for a lot of factors, the Hispanic vote isn’t really that important or powerful.  “The Bush family does well” — I don’t think any Bush has ever won a majority of the Hispanic vote in any election, even considering each state within a Presidential election as its own separate “election,” which it legally is.

One more thing:  You can count on one hand the number of times Romney actually used the phrase “self-deportation,” and that was entirely in the primary season before he had the Republican nomination locked up.  Yes, he got that phrase from Kris Kobach, and yes, these were in the days when Romney actually pretended to care about Kobach just long enough to fool enough Republican primary voters.  Of course, as you know by now thanks to my bean-spilling, once he clinched the nomination, he dumped Kobach and then went back to his usual open borders self.  Besides, what is “self-deportation” but illegal aliens willingly obeying immigration law?  That’s how most laws function, genius:  Because people willingly obey them in fear of the consequences of not obeying them and having someone else enforce them upon them.




3 responses

18 03 2013

full of infinite and eternal focus groups and polling.

That means that we’re in hell already. Because that’s our reality.

19 03 2013

Exactly Count, time to burn out the Bush criminals…take over the Goppers or move on to a better organization?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

19 03 2013

What I don’t get is that this “autopsy” complains about how the Republican party is viewed by people in “focus groups” (puke gag) as old stuffy white men intolerant -ism -phobia. And then turns around and essentially begs the Republicans to nominate another Bush. In the “other” party, they’re just about fixed to nominate HRC.

So, in 2016, when people are looking for fresh new ideas, our “choice” will be Bush vs Clinton. Yay!

BTW, don’t trust these focus groups. Around two-thirds of the participants in focus groups are suburban white women, and while they’re in the group, they kinda sorta coalesce behind an opinion that is either: (A) held by someone in the group that the women tend to like, especially if it’s one of the few men in the group, or (B) an opinion said to be “tolerant” and “open minded” in politically correct “polite” society.

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