I Was Dreaming of a White Christmas, Not a White Palm Sunday

26 03 2013


It was according to the Lambert weather measuring station, which is the official reading for St. Louis, the largest ever one day March snowfall and the second-largest one day snowfall since it started taking records.  I would presume the largest was the famous 1982 blizzard.

I got 9.5 inches in Ballwin, my mother in South City only got 7 inches.  Meanwhile, back in ’82, while the official Lambert reading was something like 15 inches, it seems to me (and my mother confirms) that around our house there was close to two feet.




3 responses

26 03 2013

Yeah, March 25 looked more like December 25. I guess it’s global warming at work.

26 03 2013

That’s a good snowfall where ever your at. Was St. Louis crippled by it?

26 03 2013

Sunday, somewhat. But it was a wet sloppy snow, so it didn’t take long for temps being above freezing yesterday for the roads and streets to get clear.

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