Most Likely

28 03 2013


…most likely a black male driving a dark colored car“…”fired a shot intended for his girlfriend“…”hit the four-year old instead

Now, that’s typical for Bellcurvius around here.


…witnesses are cooperating with law enforcement to help them find the suspect.

That’s not typical, because usually in this situation, 100-1,000 Bellcurviuses are standing around on the streets or the corners or hanging out on their porches in plain sight of whatever it is that “bez goin’ down,” but when the “white po-leeceseseses” start asking questions, well, “nobody dunn saw nuttin’.”

Because…stop snitching.

Except this took place on Louisiana and Itaska, which not so long ago was the First World, and has now almost become completely Third World, but may still have enough First World people left living in it who will honestly tell the cops what they saw.

If they do catch this one, he’ll probably use the excuse that he didn’t mean any harm to the kid, that he merely wanted “da bitch” dead.  Oh, okay.



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