Work Hard, Play By the Rules

2 04 2013



On second thought…

“Non-violent felonies only.”  Bull fucking shit.  Considering where this is posted and for whom it is intended, most people with only “non-violent felonies” on their list of official criminal convictions really have committed a violent felony in the past.  The most frequent explanation for that is because prosecutors like to do plea bargains where they throw out charges for violent felonies in exchange for a guilty plea from the defendant on a non-violent felony charge and a prison sentence at or near the legal maximum for that particular crime.  The reason is that violent felonies have human victims that are either too scared to testify in court in fear of retribution from the defendant’s “homies,” or they don’t want to testify because of the “stop snitching” ghetto culture.

With this in mind, now you know why so many black men get seemingly long prison sentences for seemingly non-violent crimes.  This also blows a hole through the paranoia that some libertarian types spread that people are given 20 year bids for having a little bit of weed.



2 responses

6 04 2013

you have virtually no proof of your allegations whatsoever.

7 05 2013
Chicago Transit Authority, Postal Service hires lots of ‘non-violent felons’

[…] So many that they had to put out a special handbook about it. […]

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