Deadly Weapon

22 04 2013




Some people just can’t be trusted with skillets.

You read that right.

And also…St. Louis has enough Bellcurvius violent criminals without having to import any from Chicago.

Remember this?



2 responses

23 04 2013
Jill Parish

Good thing I bought my cast iron frying pan last year or I might have to worry about Senator Feinstein trying to outlaw them along with guns because they kill people. As I think about it, she is sure to try to outlaw pressure cookers as a “weapon of mass destruction”, oh yeah and later, probably chef knives – why not? Cook and eat with sporks everyone.

23 04 2013

You have both a cast iron frying pan and a pressure cooker?

Oh boy, you’re a real problem. On to the terrorist watch list with you.

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