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5 05 2013


This is something a St. Louis Police sergeant predicted to me about 15 years ago. 

And maybe this is why.

Da Facebook Pimp.

Invader rabble in Clayton on Wednesday.  It should be noted that Superman was a fictional character.


I’m sure this institution will specialize in bomb and IED injuries.

Because…Allah u akbar.

*  “What do they represent?

What they represent is that the kook left and the open borders rabble are basically warmed over Communists


Yes, it was AP copy in the NYT.  In 1955.

*  Neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night…

…Except if your appointed rounds are in Bell Curve City.

It’s not often I agree with Democrats.

As OD’s Jack Ryan reminds us, none of the three marquee state elected officials in South Carolina are straight white people.  You have the Call Center Governess, the Affirmative Action Big Lug, (whom the Call Center Governess appointed), and of course Mr. Light-in-the-Loafers LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH Goober.

*  The Occutards had it all wrong with their 99% signs.  It should be more like 93%.

I think the NAACP has been in “turmoil” for a long time.  I think it has for a long time been nothing more than a straw dog propped up by money from race pandering corporations and favorable media publicity.  What especially hurts left wing organizations is when there is a Democrat President, and what hurts the NAACP especially is that the current Democrat President is also black.

We have blacks and Chinese battling over a statue in Nashville.  Maybe if the kind of people who ran and populated Nashville looked far more like George Jones and George Strait and Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn, Nashville wouldn’t have this problem.

*  This gets lost in all his wheel turning, but Pat Sajak is anything but an unhinged leftist.  He’s on the Board of Trustees of Hillsdale College, among other things.  For a little more than a year, he had a late night talk show on CBS, that went head to head with Johnny Carson in most markets.  Rush Limbaugh was one of his fill-ins for one show.

What they’re trying to say in a polite way is that Bellcurvii and Dreamers drag down our average.

But, but, but…diversity.  What do you bigots have against diversity?  After all, it makes us more diverse.

Of course we have to legalize polygamy.  Because Muslims want it.  Sure, fundamentalist Mormons might want it, too, but who cares what they think?  Mormons aren’t cool, Muslims are.

*  Obama:  AR-15 bad, Plan B for 15s good.  

There is a certain irony in him saying this in Mexico.  One word:  Quinceañera.  I think his administration’s FDA regulators’ choice of age 15 is precisely that.

*  Remember, Bill Clinton is about one thing and one thing only these days:  Getting Hillary into the White House, so he can start boinking the interns again.

Why is he setting up Congressional Democrats for a fall with this less than bona fide advice?  I think he probably has it in his mind that a 2014 that turns out badly for Democrats will be egg all over Obama’s face, ergo HRC comes out of the affair looking better.

Morning Joke’s ratings are collapsing.  I guess this means a few people changed the channel away from MSNBC.

*  From Philadelphia:  He can have sex, get condoms from school, but he just can’t read books about sex.  “Mature audiences?”  This 14-year old was probably as mature as he was ever going to be.  Now that it’s news that Fifty Shades of Grey is naughty and is a no-no, every teenager in the country is going to want to read it.

No, they’re opening a Detroit desk because a lot of Muslims live in the area.

I guess this means Springfield, Massachusetts is America’s Baghdad.

*  The first woman on the FBI’s list of most wanted terrorists?

Black Liberation Army.

What is there to see?  It’s a public school district, therefore, it’s going to use a kook leftard curriculum.

Surprisingly, the high school in Collinsville, Texas is 92% white, which is a miracle by Texas standards.  I would say that “a ninth-grade lesson asks students to circle capital letters in a sentence” isn’t below grade level because the high school is full of blacks and Hispanics, except this one isn’t.

The Cruz Missile challenges Joke Biden to a debate on 2A.

Why? What for?

First off, judging from the last time Biden debated (Paul Ryan), all he’ll do is wave his hands around in the air and gesticulate like a damned nut. (If the shoe fits…)

Second, Cruz could (and would) resoundingly trounce Biden in this debate from all civilized standards, and it won’t matter, because nobody’s mind will be changed. The only kind of people who will watch this debate are partisans on either side of the issue, no moderates or undecided. Pros will say Cruz won, Antis will say Biden won.

Want proof on how unsubstantial political debates are? 1984. Mondale easily beat Reagan on the whole, (save Reagan’s famous “my opponent’s youth and inexperience” quip), but look at what good that did Mondale that fall.

The monster within, or just more whacked out TNB?

My eyes long:

What was even more pleasurable was finding out that the convention center allows concealed handguns for “individuals licensed by the State of Texas.” This policy was affirmed and supported by the NRA, so I got to walk around like a citizen. After registering, we just entered the expo: no security checkpoint, no law enforcement looking us over. There were lots of Houston PD and Harris County deputies, but I saw officers shopping, too. 

Just normal people doing normal stuff with no hoopla or really much of anything to worry about.  Sounds like a country I used to know.

Ironically, as this is possible in one convention hall in Houston, it’s getting less and less possible in Houston itself, which is quickly becoming more and more vibrant with time.

A gun law in Louisiana was passed because of Bellcurvius but never enforced.  And don’t buy the excuse given in this article — The reason they’re not enforcing it is because the violators are almost always Bellcurvius.

The excuse in here is double jeopardy.  Except my state has a statute called Armed Criminal Action, which is basically a fancy way of saying that the suspect used a deadly weapon in the commission of a crime.  Almost always are charges initially bought for the underlying crime and ACA simultaneously, and nobody ever thinks that this violates double jeopardy.  But maybe Louisiana’s state constitution and state level jurisprudence and judicial precedent has a more severe interpretation of  “double jeopardy” than either my state’s or the Feds’.


*  A secret squirrel sourced fed me this.  It’s a Google autotranslation of a Chinese message board that deals with rather un-PC topics.

*  “They’re coming to America…

*  You can tell there’s something wrong with our civilization when Italians won’t even make pizza.  (Or maybe the wage scale has been driven down so far because of all these Egyptians who are there to do the jobs that Italians won’t do.)

Sequester.  Yeah, right.


Not only will this not happen, Tory goon tactics against UKIP politicians and activists will ramp up.

*  “What kind of woman is willing to share her husband?

A vibrant one.

Oh, yeah, the husband must be plenty vibrant himself.

*  Translation:  Abo.


*  Kris from Kris Kross is dead at the ripe old age of 34.  Not to be confused with early 1980s light rock singer Christopher Cross (“Sailing,” “Arthur’s Theme,” “Ride Like the Wind”).   Theories about how he kicked the bucket range from drugs to strangling himself while jacking off to gay porn.

Be that as it may, we do know that he’s going to be buried wearing his suit backwards.

Where the internet is.  What interests me is where the internet isn’t.

And that I’m the snarkiest bastard on it.

*  Awhile back, I mentioned that Calvin Coolidge was the last President who signed legislation to restrict legal immigration.

Obama should brush up on some Coolidge.

I think Jason Collins has played us all for suckers.

What “portable” computers were like the year of my birth.

About the relay squad DQed for the display of faith:  There’s something astounding about them.  I’ll let you see if you can pick up on it.  It should be as obvious as the sun in a clear noon sky.




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