Burger King Sounds Good

31 05 2013


A secret squirrel source sent me this screenshot.


I’m a bit lost here.  Either the teacher was trying to tell “Akash” something or tell the BK manager something.



5 responses

31 05 2013
Cheerful Hamster

Sounds like the teacher was right – a…applicationS?

1 06 2013

It says the teacher stapled the BK application to its failed test, meaning that the teacher was trying to tell the student that his/her/its career would be nothing but menial fast food burger flipper jobs. If the student was applying to work at BK and the teacher stapled a failed test to that, then I think the teacher was trying to tell the BK mangler not to hire Akash.

1 06 2013
Blog Raju

Good teacher

1 06 2013

Akash sounds more like “Pita! Pita!” material to me.

1 06 2013
Bon, From the Land of Babble

Or… the teacher is doing the kid a HUGE favor by steering him in another direction. IWO, this is the end of Akash’a “skooling” and it is now time for him to try another career — like flipping burgers, or in this case, gyros.

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