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31 05 2013


For some reason, this excellent AR article about the Massachusetts Senate Special Election to replace John F’n Kerry isn’t taking comments.

So let’s use this post to comment about the story.

My take:

My preferred candidate of all the ones that ran was the Democrat Congressman, named Lynch, from Boston’s South End.  He’s a remnant of the all-but-gone Irish-white working class of the area that protested deseg and voted George Wallace.  I am not at all happy that an open borders Hispanic in the person of Gabriel Gomez got the Republican nomination, and as it turns out, Congressman Ed Markey got the Democrat nomination instead of Lynch.  So no matter who wins, the politics of the Gang Bangers of Eight bill won’t change, as Kerry would have been a yes vote, and either Markey or Gomez will vote yes.

As of right now, I would vote for neither one.  But if I was forced into casting a vote, I would vote “for” Markey just to keep Gomez from winning.  If it seems close, I would vote for Markey, if it’s obvious that it’s going to be a Markey blowout (Massachusetts’s political climate is such that a Gomez blowout is impossible), I would stay home.  If Gomez wins, the Stupid Party racial pandering machine is going to have an orgasm.  We don’t need for them to get it in their wee little brains that pandering to non-whites is a politically successful strategy.  I suppose the ideal outcome is if Markey wins but only narrowly, such that it means that Gomez doesn’t go to the Senate, but a razor thin margin for Markey doesn’t mean that nobody can blame it on Gomez being “too right wing LOL.”



3 responses

1 06 2013

I would vote Markey no matter what. It’s time to kill this verve of Hispandering in the Stupid Rino Party right now.

1 06 2013
Blog Raju

AR not taking comments? I thought the purpose of AR is for people to make “politically incorrect” comments on news articles.

Hispanics are natural left-wingers; they will always vote Democrat.

1 06 2013

Just on that thread, for some reason. Maybe a technical glitch. I doubt they deliberately refused comments on it.

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