Finding Out What’s In It

3 06 2013

Springfield, Illinois

Unpacking the carry bill that sits on Quinn’s desk, we find that:

It has provisions wherein the ISP could object to a permit granted to people who have five or more arrests for any reason, or three or more gang-related arrests.  I think that will actually happen about as often as you find teeth on hens, because almost everyone who fits into those categories is going to have some sort of disqualifying actual criminal conviction on his or her record.  Also, black and Hispanic gang bangers don’t walk into a building full of cops to apply for carry permits.

There is no reciprocity with Missouri or any other state hard-wired into the legal language.  Now, that doesn’t mean that Illinois won’t eventually grant reciprocity with other states.  In fact, most states’ CCW reciprocity arrangements with each other are ad hoc and done on a case-by-case basis, usually centering on states’ Attorneys General offices.  However, a few states, like Missouri, hard-wire reciprocity into the carry legislation’s legal language, but it’s not a two way street:  Missouri recognizes all other states’ carry permits by the letter of the law, but that by itself is not a guarantee that all those states will recognize Missouri’s permits.  Though in reality, Missouri’s permits are recognized by almost all other states that do CCW.




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3 06 2013

“Unpacking” a bill that involves packing.

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