Even the Ku Klux Klan Stands With Israel These Days

23 06 2013

Albany, New York


Two Men Arrested For Trying To Build An X-Ray Gun

On Wednesday, the New York Times reported the curious case of Glendon Scott Crawford, a man with Ku Klux Klan connections who wanted to build an X-ray weapon to “help Israel kill its enemies while they slept.” It’s an act so unsubtle and cartoonishly evil that Hollywood execs would probably laugh the premise out of the room.

The Klan and Jews combined?  Who knew?  Well, this was a Nazi-era German wartime propaganda poster:


IOW, the Americans were a conglomeration of blacks, Jews, American Indians and the KKK all in a conspiracy to destroy The Reich.

Wartime propaganda is nothing if not illogical.




One response

24 06 2013

Looks like a Phillip Guston painting.

Look him up. The German illustrator got it about right in a weird way. How does a country like this stay together in a Union? It defies all logic too.

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