The Revolution in Permanence Marches On

28 06 2013

Fountain, Colorado


Coy Mathis and the Next Civil-Rights Struggle


The purpose is to protect modesty and eliminate the potential for prurience in the bathroom. But stalls accomplish the first goal and, given the prevalence of homosexuals and bisexuals, segregation by sex doesn’t quite achieve the second. Thankfully, no one seeks to exclude homosexuals from girls’ and boys’ rooms. Allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice wouldn’t make bathrooms any more sexually charged. They are straight and gay in the same proportion as other people, meaning a solid majority are sexually uninterested in the people they would encounter in the loo.

What’s more, it’s wrong to assume that forcing transgender kids to use the bathroom of their biological sex would make other kids feel more comfortable. Surely the average student would prefer to share a bathroom with a transgender student who dresses and acts like him or her than one who dresses and acts like the opposite sex.

The same arguments go for locker rooms and showers. Transgender students aren’t going to insist on using communal showers, but if a school setup allows sufficient privacy, they should be allowed to use the facility of the gender with which they identify.

Even if there is “sufficient privacy,” it’s impossible not to be naked in a locker room environment for at least a short period of time.

Using this line of logic, then two separate locker rooms are unnecessary.  If it’s alright for women-living-as-men to shower with men-living-as-men and for men-living-as-women to shower with women-living-as-women, then it’s okey dokey for men-living-as-men and women-living-as-women to shower with each other.  It’s like I’ve been saying here, the end game is everyone in one big shower.  Because…civil rights.




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29 06 2013


We have to have strict rules. A dozen years back I worked at a place with a trans ??? “female” (a with breasts and penis person), she lived with the same type of person, who was her girlfriend. She used the woman restroom but the restrooms were one person, so not a big deal there. But if she was in high school and trans and got a case of the hornys and her favorite trans was in there ….. Maybe they should just create a third restroom and let them have at.

29 06 2013
Hard Right

How about putting them in mental institutions where they belong?

29 06 2013


Boys (straight)
Boys (gay)
Girls (straight)
Girls (gay)
T Boys (straight)
T Boys (gay)
T Girls (straight)
T Girls (gay)

So we are now up to nine restrooms per area in a school. There will be more restrooms than classrooms but at least they are free to be indoctrinated. Thank god condoms are available in the nurse’s office.

Why don’t we just consider them all handicapped? The bigger stalls would allow them more room.

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