Not Neighbors

30 06 2013


What’s this bullshit?


Normandy School District will pay to send students to St. Charles County

The Normandy School District has chosen to pay for transportation to an unnamed district in St. Charles County for any of its students who want to transfer to higher performing schools there.

Tyrone McNichols, who becomes Normandy superintendent on Monday, said administrators and school board members reached the decision to skip over districts in St. Louis County only after comparing data on student achievement, demographics and capacity, as well as interstate access and per-pupil spending among school districts throughout the region.


But McNichols stopped short of naming the St. Charles County district. He hadn’t yet informed its superintendent. That school district would not need to approve Normandy’s decision.

I thought this transfer law only meant that students who are in an unaccredited district could transfer out to an accredited directly neighboring district.  How do you jump from that to Normandy blacks being shipped out to somewhere in St. Charles County?

Deseg now, deseg tomorrow, deseg forever, I guess.

BTW, when you use “data on student achievement, demographics,” that can only mean dumping your low IQ low ambition low achieving blacks on white districts.


Francis Howell.


One of the state reps whose territory overlays the Francis Howell district wants to repeal the transfer law in a September special session.  And that would be Mark Parkinson, a Republican from St. Peters.  Now, ordinarily, I would insert here gloating about “LOL you stupid sonsofbitches voted for it and now that the chickens are coming home to roost you don’t want it anywhere in your schools.”  But I’m not here.  I won’t say where or how, but I have some experience with Mark Parkinson from some time back, and for one, I highly doubt he voted for the transfer law, and for another, I know he knows the real reason this transfer law should be repealed.


The parents in the Francis Howell district are fit to be tied.

Notice in this article that the Riverview Garbage district will also transfer out its stoo-dunts.




4 responses

30 06 2013

De- seg is de- structive.

Buses of low IQ blacks being bused into suburban white neighborhoods is Hiroshema is slow motion.

White Mom in VA

1 07 2013
Blog Raju

No escape.

3 07 2013

Funny you mention Mark P., I live just down the street from him.

10 07 2013
As the Deseg Toast Burns | Countenance Blog

[…] I’ve updated the Normandy-to-Francis Howell story several times, just in case you didn’t check back there for updates. […]

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