Now We’ll See

4 07 2013


More than two years ago, I said in this space that Constitutional Carry in vibrant states wasn’t such a good idea.

Arkansas is going to test my hunch.  As you know, it’s plenty vibrant.




2 responses

4 07 2013

White male walks in with gun holstered. Jamal walks in with gun shoved in the front of his sagging jeans. Jamal get no respect. 911.

Yeah, this might be a bad experiment. Lack of impulse control. Lack of ability to perceive repercussions of actions. … Yeah this is probably bad.

4 07 2013

Plenty of bantu warriors have felony sheets so even if the Arkansas tribe tries to “constitutional carry” thinking they can, they can still be nailed if they’re caught. Where I think the problems will come in is this: Now that there is no such thing anymore as the crime of carrying concealed without a permit, that will hinder somewhat the ability of the cops to conduct investigations in Bell Curve City.

If it does go awry, you know the official fault will be placed on 2A, not race.

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