Quinn’s Strategery

8 07 2013

Springfield, Illinois

Kevin McDermott, who is a political writer for the P-D, thinks that Governor Quinn’s amendatory veto of the carry bill is all politics, namely Democrat Party politics when he faces challengers in the 2014 Democrat Primary for Governor.

The problem with that theory is this:  With this move and his accompanying rhetoric, Quinn hasn’t differentiated himself from his two speculated Democrat challengers, either William Daley, son and brother of the father-son combo of longtime Chicago Mayors, and former Obama White House Chief of Staff in his own right, or from AG Lisa Madigan.  If he really wanted to be different, he would have signed the bill as-is.  But now, he’ll just be what he really was and has been all along:  Another Crook County machine cog trying to outmachine his competitors from the same machine.  Of course, his competitors have the same problem:  They’re cut from the same cloth as Quinn but they’ll be trying to convince Illinois Democrat voters that they’re somehow different.




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