Adam Kokesh

10 07 2013

Herndon, Virginia

More like Adam Kookesh.

My impression of him for as long as he’s been on my radar is that he’s a leader in search of a cause.  That can be the only explanation for someone who moves so quickly from left to right back to left back again to right and back and forth.  I don’t think he is or ever was a left wing/Obama plant; Even if OFA was in the sabotaging business, they wouldn’t use people like him to do it.

When someone is making a fool of themselves, you get out of the way and let them do it.  With the gestapo tactics, the Federal government has just turned Kookesh into a living martyr among people who have no business lionizing him.

And, as Drudge hinted, where was this show of force when it came to David Gregory?



2 responses

10 07 2013

The person most happy that Adam Kookesh was knocked back and raided?

Adam Kookesh.

Before, he was basically nobody and controversial even in the subcultures that he was trying to pretend to be part of. Now he’s an international star on the Drudge Report and an object of sympathy.

10 07 2013

The doggy doth protest too little. Really, Kookesh is the kind of SVNT that I resolved at the beginning of the year to ignore. Now I’m only giving him what he wants.

Stupid me.

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