As the Deseg Toast Burns

10 07 2013

Moline Acres and Mehlville

I’ve updated the Normandy-to-Francis Howell story several times, just in case you didn’t check back there for updates.

Riverview Gardens students will be bused to Mehlville.  However, Mehlville was and technically still is part of the city-county interdistrict deseg program.  I anticipate that this will only hasten the natural ghettoization of near South County, which has actually been in the undertow’s crosshairs for awhile.

As an aside, I found out today why Normandy students can transfer to Francis Howell.  It turns out the state law relevant to the Turner case allowed students in unaccredited districts to transfer to an accredited district in their own county or a neighboring county.  Which means as long as the SLPS are unaccredited, they can transfer to anywhere in St. Louis County (deseg now, deseg tomorrow, deseg forever), and those in unaccredited districts in St. Louis County can transfer out to any school district in St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Franklin County or Jefferson County.  Though I imagine if you’re in the Strain-Japan R-16 school district in far southwestern Franklin County, you’re safe from the undertow.

This will only help our cause.  The high water mark of white crypto-racialist political activism in the post-civil rights movement era has been over the issue of forced busing for school deseg.  You even got white people in Boston to take to the streets.




4 responses

10 07 2013

Does this mean that WHITES living in the city of St. Louis can use any county school that has openings? If so, that should be good for the City. People can use parochial schools through the 8th grade, and then form carpools or use the Metro system to get to a decent high school.

10 07 2013

In theory, I guess. But most city white school students aren’t in the SLPS, or if they are, they’re in one of the scant good schools or programs.

One big hangup to the Turner law is that destination transfer districts have to sign off on the deal. So it won’t be a matter of just willy nilly changing schools.

10 07 2013

Let’s call it “Follow that bus”. Where whites go, blacks will follow to the mythical good schools.

10 07 2013

Which means the undertow could come here to the Fox district.

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