10 07 2013

Sanford, Florida

Ann Althouse:

“Look at the residents of this ‘gated community’ who lived just in that one spot.  It is more diverse than a Democrat photo-op.  This neighborhood had young and old, Asians and blacks and whites and Hispanics all living next to each other in peace, but needing a gates and a neighborhood watch to protect themselves from outsiders.”

And how’d that work out for ’em?

Really, if I had my way, George Zimmerman would still be in Peru practicing his junior policing skills on Indo-Mezo coca leaf munchers, Trayvon Martin would be a foot soldier for some General Butt Naked type clown act somewhere in West Africa, and Sanford, Florida would be regrettably nonvibrant and unfortunately bereft of gated communities, i.e. it would be identifiably American.




4 responses

10 07 2013

Exactly. Diversity sucks period. It does not work. People are not getting along. Look around!

Whoever wrote that piece is an idiot.

White Mom in VA

11 07 2013

Old fart Ann Althouse has pitched a fit and closed off her blog to comments. Good, she is a waste of time, just another DWL!

11 07 2013

OTOH, it was an Ann Althouse commenter who floated the theory that “creepy ass cracker,” as Sir Skittles called GZ to his nuclear physicist girlfriend, was really a gay slur and not a race slur, as “ass cracker” could be an anti-gay pejorative. Think: Not (creepy ass) CRACKER, more like creepy (ASS CRACKER).

Interesting theory, but I don’t know how much credibility I give it.

11 07 2013

It worked great for the neighborhood — they killed the outsider!

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