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10 07 2013

Sunset Hills

BreadCo to scale back its “pay what you want” for Turkey Chili program.


Normally, you would think that there were too many takers but not enough givers.  But actually, the problem in this instance was just the opposite:  Too many givers but hardly any takers.

The reason is that there’s no BreadCo on the corner of Martin Luther King and Rev. Rastus Rollo McGoober.  That and now that they mention it, I noticed that the BreadCos didn’t exactly advertise this program very widely.  Like I said, no BreadCos in Bell Curve City, and I guess the suits didn’t want Bell Curve City going to BreadCos in any big numbers.

And because I know I’ll get the question, I’ll answer it again.  The national chain is called Panera, its world headquarters is in St. Louis, and Panera restaurants everywhere but St. Louis are called Panera.  But in St. Louis itself, they’re called St. Louis Bread Company (“BreadCo,” colloquially and locally).




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11 07 2013
Blog Raju

The “takers” want entitlement, not charity. In other words, they need to believe (or feel) that the Turkey Chili was owed to them.

11 07 2013

BreadCo had a fairly successful franchise here in Chicago that got the attention of local media because neighbors found it to be too successful … i.e. it attracted too many bums (homeless) who didn’t leave after getting the feed. I looked for a link to the stories but they all seem to have disappeared.

11 07 2013
11 07 2013

Sounds like St. Louis’s revenge. Though I wouldn’t wish this kind of thing on my worst enemy.

11 07 2013

Well done Raju.

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