Instant Deseg

12 07 2013

Jefferson City

It’s going to get worse, not better.


Nixon signs quicker intervention in failing St. Louis-area schools

Gov. Jay Nixon has signed legislation allowing quicker state intervention in Missouri’s failing school districts.

Under existing state law, school districts that lose state accreditation have two years before state education officials can step in. Nixon signed a measure Friday removing the waiting period.

The state Board of Education can prescribe conditions under which a local school board could continue overseeing a failing district. The state board also could set up an alternative governing structure, such as a special administrative board, merging the district with neighboring ones or splitting the district into several new ones. The law takes effect Aug. 28.

Combine this with the Turner law, and you know what this means?

Missouri’s three unaccredited districts are the Kansas City School District, the Normandy School District in St. Louis County and the Riverview Gardens School District in St. Louis County.

Aren’t the SLPS still unaccredited? But this reminds me that the KCPS are still unaccredited, which I forgot. Combine that with the Turner law, and any non-KCPS school district in Jackson County, or any school district in Jackson County’s neighbors, those being Clay, Ray, Lafayette, Johnson and Cass Counties, could be a destination for the undertow pouring out of the KCPS.




One response

12 07 2013

The problem is even more fundamental if you ask this dog: The problem is that the state gave itself the authority to declare school districts to be unaccredited to begin with. “Unaccredited” = Almost all black.

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