Cattle Call

13 07 2013

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

*  Are there any blogs or websites out there that link to me but I don’t link to them?  (See my blogroll to make sure first that I already link to you)

*  Are there any really good local or regional blogs out there that I should know about, link to and read regularly?

I’m going to take the opportunity of this post to announce that Murder By Media, who has reblogged several of my posts, and whose own blogmeister comments here on occasion, is new to the blogroll here.




One response

14 07 2013
Blog Raju

I don’t have a blogroll, but I’ve been thinking about starting one. I hesitate because my blog is not completely anonymous; a few of my readers know my real identity, and this limits what I can say. At the same time, I feel obligated to provide a link to those who have linked to my blog.

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