Steve Ehlmann Is Smarter Than I Thought

15 07 2013

St. Charles

Allow me to translate:

Get that mofo Normandy district accredited ASAP so we can keep Francis Howell undertow-free.  And next year is election year for me, so I better not be on the wrong side of this issue.

Really, everyone’s expected to do this fan dance around race, but they all know the time of day.




One response

15 07 2013

I know you said that you were going to be discussing segregation or desegregation or resegregation on your blog.

As a former educator, all I can say is this: there are no good schools, just good people. If a kid is a bad ass at one school, his bad ass will follow him to next, no matter how nice the building is.

You can paint a turd gold, but it is still a turd.

White Mom in VA

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