Another Day, Another Meeting

17 07 2013


The topic du jour, at least in the realm of this medium’s local attention.

Juicy part:

“That was really just a stereotype when she made those statements of being worried about her children being stabbed or shot,” Normandy parent Portia Porter said of one particular statement she saw on television.  She says it was enough to make her handle her son’s transportation herself, and move him to Rockwood instead.

“As far as Francis Howell, I don’t know too much about Francis Howell, but after seeing all the interviews with the parents who live out in St. Charles and their views of Normandy district moving out there, their views are…yet to be desired.”

Francis Howell’s gain is Rockwood’s loss, I guess.  Because…FH parents are guilty of noticing things.

Until we can get the Turner law repealed, I guess what it’s going to take to keep the transferring undertow out of your district is if you utter “yet to be desired” views in front of TV cameras.  Better yet, tell the cameras that you swore you saw George Zimmerman move somewhere in your district.


Here’s how it turned out.  Some pander pimps from FH showed up to grovel.




One response

18 07 2013

Normandy chose Francis Howell to bus its students to because that district was one of the closest ones accredited “with distinction” and served a similar percentage of special education students as Normandy, McNichols said.

Was accredited with distinction.
And the number of special education stunts just shot up.

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