17 07 2013



If your state is blue, Stevie Wonder ain’t comin’ no’ mo’.  And this is probably an incomplete map, because some states have SYG not as a matter of statutory law, but as a matter of judicial precedent or legal culture.

He’s blind anyway, so someone ought to just tell him he’s in Maine when he’s really in Florida.

Failing that, this is as close as those of you in blue-shaded states are going to get to seeing him:


I think this isn’t just lamestream conservative racial pandering, it’s true.  Think it through:  With the exception of a few years, when black-on-white crime surpassed black-on-black crime, most black crime is black perpetrator on black victim.  And since SYG/CD was largely a sub rosa response to black crime, why wouldn’t black victims disproportionately benefit from SYG/CD?




One response

17 07 2013

Wow. That’s pretty much most of the US. Good.

To be truthful, I don’t know much about SYG laws. In what year time frame were most enacted?

White Mom in VA

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