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18 07 2013

Weldon Spring

Another meeting. But guess what they’re not going to talk about.


Francis Howell to discuss class sizes, hiring staff as it prepares for transfers

The issue of students transferring from unaccredited districts has generated so many questions and concerns that the Francis Howell School Board is considering hiring a staff member to deal with the response.

The position would be part time and work as needed to help answer questions from parents and the community, as well as assist in placing transfer students from Normandy.


The Francis Howell School Board will meet tonight to vote on the new student transfer administrator and several other policies related to the issue — including class sizes, tuition and a payment schedule.

Not on the agenda tonight:  Discussing the wisdom of allowing the Normandy undertow to transfer to FH at all.

Read the rest of the article, and you’ll find out that the City-County interdistrict deseg program, which was supposed to have ended by now, is still going on.  That’s a totally separate mechanism from Turner law transfers.

By the way, haven’t you noticed there’s some meeting about this matter almost every weekday?  I guess TPTB think that deseg this time around will work out so much better if we just hold more meetings about it.


How it turned out.  Mark Parkinson wants to move and move fast in the September special session of the General Assembly to amend the Turner law to stop transfers.




6 responses

18 07 2013

No point in putting a discussion about the wisdome of allowing the transfers on the agenda at a school board meeting. It’ll take a state law to take them off the table. How’s The Next George Wallace doing on that front, by the way?

18 07 2013

What are your thoughts on how this entire thing went down? The fact that this happened barely 30 days before the beginning of the school year suggests to me it was purposefully sprung on everyone at the last minute because they knew there would be considerable opposition. I believe the babe in the woods routine by the administrators is just their way of saying ‘hey, we didn’t know… and now it’s too late.’

Do you have any insight on who or what drives the ship on these sorts of things? I believe there are people in the background that look at these transfers less as ‘opportunity’ for the students and more a way to grab a foothold and establish beachheads in white areas, particularly wealthier areas.

The next thing you know there will be efforts to move some of these kids into the area and the unraveling begins.

18 07 2013

Why now? I don’t think it’s the result of any sadistic planning by cigar munchers on the top floors of skyscrapers, but merely the way the legal process and timing worked in the state judiciary in the Turner case. It’s just that when SCOMO had the last word on the matter at least judicially, it meant that the law became enforceable.

Now, what drove the Turner law? I also don’t think that race-mixing cigar munchers on the top floors of skyscrapers was behind that. Don’t forget, the Turner law (it’s not actually called the Turner law, but I’m calling it that colloquially because it was the Turner case that involved the law in question) was passed by a Republican state legislature. But if there’s any one person that could be said to be responsible, it’s Jane Cunningham, from Chesterfield, who has always been an obnoxious deseg queen.

I’ve been following the legal wrangling for awhile, but for some reason, the usually steel trap on-the-ball brain of mine missed the obvious consequences of the law taking effect. Until several days ago, I didn’t know that the Turner law allowed for transferring out to a district in the same or neighboring county; I just presumed all along that it had to be an accredited literally neighboring/bordering district.

18 07 2013

So, the courts ruled against Turner in circuit court, only to have this decision appealed in the Mo. Supreme court, which ruled in her favor and dropped this on our lap?

18 07 2013


As I recall, SCOMO heard it twice and both times found in favor of the law. Now, I don’t like the Turner law, but if I was on SCOMO, I don’t know if I could find any state constitutional grounds to find the Turner law unconstitutional.

Speaking of the Turner law, here’s how tonight’s meeting du jour turned out:

As you can see, Mark Parkinson is going to move and move fast in the September special session to amend the Turner law to stop the out transfers. What will be really interesting, if the House and Senate pass MP’s legislative changes, is what Nixon will do. Remember, Nixon made a name for himself during his first term as AG, 1992-1996, for opposing deseg and demanding that the Federal courts wind down the voluntary interdistrict deseg program. Knowing what he has become now, I get the feeling he would veto MP’s legislation.

18 07 2013

The whole thing is distressing. I drive up Caulks Hill Rd. and see transplanted ghetto rats running the sidewalks from a section of older subdivisions that have been swallowed up by nice homes.

They hang out at a convenience store where I no longer buy gas. I drove by there the other day and there was this old piece of shit van with the side door open and at least a dozen of them literally hanging out of it in the parking lot. I was stopped at the light and watched them constantly shuffle from the van to the store and back like they were 3rd graders on a sugar rush. Made me nauseous.

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