Twice As Smart

18 07 2013



McCarthy: 16 hours of training for concealed carry not enough

By next spring, hundreds of thousands of Illinoisans are expected to be carrying concealed, loaded firearms. That became law last week. But the debate over what should be in the 16 hours of training each must receive, rages on.

The Concealed Carry Law enacted last week gives the Illinois state police 60 days to come up with guidelines for the required training classes, 16 hours’ worth. Chicago’s top cop told FOX 32 News, though, he doesn’t think that’s nearly enough to teach civilians what they need to know, especially when it’s legal to fire a gun at someone.

Illinois’s training requirement is the longest of any CCW state with training requirements.  Missouri only requires eight hours.  Is the average Missourian twice as smart as the average Illinoisan?

Because Illinois includes Crook County, the answer to that question is yes.




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