Wants to Learn

18 07 2013




Nadia Lewis just wants to learn

Much has been said about the transfer of Normandy School district students into the Francis Howell School District 20 miles away. Parents from both communities have weighed in with strong emotions. But we wanted to know what was going through the mind of a student who just wants to learn.

Nadia Lewis is 12-years-old. She is shy by nature but after spending a few minutes with our crew she opened up about her hopes and her fears. She told us how she used to live in the Rockwood School District where she was an honor roll student.

Two years ago, she moved to Normandy. Her mom says the curriculum was so easy; teachers there wanted her to skip a few grades.

“She’s just not challenged at Normandy. I want her to get a better education,” said Nicole Lewis, Nadia’s mother.

I’m not surprised the Normandy district is no match for her intellect.  I’m just trying to wrap my mind around why someone would move from the Rockwood district into the Normandy district.  About the only reason I can think of that someone would actually want to move into Normandy is because they got a job at UMSL.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy and demographic constitution far far away, Normandy WAS Rockwood.




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18 07 2013

Mom’s wearing scrubs. She is either an aide in a hospital or nursing home.

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