Don’t They Know, It Was the End of the World

19 07 2013

Forest Park

This year is fifty years after 1963.  That means that everything of importance that happened in 1963, this year is the 50th anniversary of it, including The Biggie on November 22.

Locally, today is the 50th of the Forest Park Highlands fire. It burnt to a crisp what was then the only amusement park (as opposed to an Unamusement Park, and yes, I’m glad he’s delaying his blogging retirement), and for the eight years that followed, until Six Flags over Texas opened up a location in Eureka, St. Louis was without an amusement park.

If a fire wasn’t going to get Forest Park Highlands, something else would have eventually got it. I’ll let you guess — I’m only giving you one guess, even though most of you will only need one guess.

Today, SLCC-Forest Park sits on those grounds, and its sports teams are called the Highlanders.




One response

19 07 2013

Your take on the fashionable theory that that fire wasn’t completely above board?

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